I use the Gentle Cleansing Lotion every day and finds it works perfectly on my combination skin, even for removing eye makeup. The scent is very natural and it is reassuring to know that nothing artificial has been added. I highly recommend it.

Helen Sherlock, Dublin

I have been using Primula products for the last year.  The difference in my skin is amazing – it no longer looks tired , aged or dry looking. Personally I could never go back to using high street products again as I would feel they would irritate my skin.

Orlagh Farrell, Dublin

I have very sensitive skin and find the Primula range of products for sensitive skin and the unscented soaps perfect for my skin type. I have noticed a great improvement in my skin tone as there are no harsh ingredients in them. I especially like the Daily Face Cream for sensitive skin.

Geraldine Togher, Galway

I find the Primula products great for my skin especially the face serum which I use every day. It just soaks into my skin so easily. I have seen the improvement in my skin since I've been using it. I also love the moisturiser and the herbal soaps. I especially like the fact all the ingredients used are natural. 

Eilis Hannigan, Drogheda


I turned 37 this year and have noticed more fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Since I have been using the face serum the lines are definitely softer and less noticeable. The oils aren't filmy, heavy or greasy. I really like the fact that the oil is not over powered with perfume. I can be sensitive to some perfumes.

I only just started using the coconut dream soap but again notice the same.... it isn't over powered with perfume or filmy. I love anything with coconut. It reminds me of the being at the beach, which is my favorite place to be!

Sonya Halligan
Florida, USA


I use the Primula 3 in 1 beauty essentials, the cleanser, toner and the face cream. I used to suffer with skin flare ups and high colouring. I find since I switched to Primula I don’t have these flare ups, the natural ingredients are kinder to my skin.
Brenda Kennedy

Primula - Healthy Skin Naturally

We are committed to creating skin care products that are healthy and safe using the healing properties of nature. Each product is handcrafted in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters, botanicals and pure essential oils. These ingredients have been carefully selected to enhance the condition of your skin. They are packed with active ingredients to help nourish you and your skin.

We have strong ethical and environmentally friendly policy and endeavour to source the finest quality natural raw ingredients.

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